Come on in and have a look around. Don’t forget your peach tinted glasses.

Posted on: Sep 27, 2016

When we first walked up the path of the PP Mr Peach and I gave each other a nervous smile. Having seen the internal pictures we knew how much work was required, enough to make us want to hate it, to run a mile in fact but walking up to that front door we knew, we just knew.
We were greeted by Mr Smith, a delightful, immaculately presented man who had enjoyed over 30 years here with his family. His house was equally immaculate as his get up. I’ve never stepped foot in a cleaner more organised home, this gent literally repelled dust. I reckon if he rocked up here now and experienced the chaos of our four bin lids and hairy woofer he’d have a hernia. Although, I’m secretly hoping he’d get a warm fuzzy feeling from the house being used like it used to be.

Unfortunately, although the whole place was gleaming it only made the peach shine brighter. Hey, who gives a monkeys though when you walk into this space!

The peach vibe continues through the house


Lounge and dining room

So Mr Peach and I did it, excited and terrified in equal measures we refused to discuss the windows that blew a gale through them, the gallons of paint we would need or the kitchen with a postage stamp sized worktop and WE BOUGHT IT.
Reckon that’s enough peach for anyone to handle right now, upstairs to follow.


Queen Peach 🍑


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    1. Jilly Edge says:

      Can’t wait to see what you’re doing to it. xxx

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