And so it begins…………

Posted on: Jan 21, 2017

It’s been a while since my last post, possibly because I am so densely covered with dust that it’s difficult to move or perhaps its because I’m too busy looking for my sanity that seems to have been mislaid under a pile of rubble somewhere. Either way, Ive got approximately 4 free seconds so here i am, dust and all.
It has begun and by IT, I mean the epic project that is seeing our lovely house pretty much being beaten up. If houses could talk it would be weeping right now, only thing keeping me going is knowing that in a few months it would be saying thank you. Branco, Aleks and their team from actually started externally in early December. They started with a bang and so far they are still banging. Plenty of bodies on site every day including weekends and much to the delight of the 3 blue mini peaches a vast array of machinery. Being December the diggers were met with excited squeals of ‘look what Santa bought us for Christmas’ Erm, manage your expectations lads, Santa’s skint this year!

First job was knocking the pebbledashed garage down and building the foundations for the extension and new integral garage.

And yep, it happened THAT quickly. I literally just went to work, came back and it was like they’d been at it for weeks. Short break for Christmas (the ‘break’ for us actually meant packing up our entire house and shrink wrapping everything in sight) and then back on it at the beginning of Jan. At this point we admitted defeat and got the heck out of there. Besides, the builders were costing us a fortune in sugar, 4 spoons, really?

Within what seemed like minutes after we moved out, the peach was being extracted from the inside. Along with the peach came plaster, ceilings, the news of a re-wire and any sniff of a contingency fund we thought we had. At our last visit Mr Peach and I were trying to hide the worried looks from the kids as it dawned on us just how big a project it actually is. No wall floor or ceiling has been left untouched. Couldn’t worry about it for too long though, too busy stopping the kids from falling through the floorboards to the kitchen below. No need to call social services though, crisis averted and we’ve decided the Peach Palace is no longer child friendly and shan’t be bringing them back until it’s done. Besides, don’t think the twins share the vision as us. When asked what they thought of it Felix’ exact words were ‘they’ve basically trashed it’


So where are we now? I am mainly doing an average job multitasking the heck out of life.  Imagine kid feeding, bum wiping, story reading, teeth drilling, bathroom choosing, nappy changing, tile selecting, budget managing and all of this whilst I’m simultaneously fishing down the back of the sofa in the hope I’ll find enough spare change to fund this project. Basically I’m the frazzled looking one you’ll see at Sainsbury’s with too many kids, often with a snot smear on my shoulder, always with bags under my eyes. Mr Peach is the one with a furrowed brow constantly with his head in the finance spreadsheet. You’ll hear him muttering the word budget a lot alongside lots of head shaking. But hey, this is fun right? Right? At least we can finally say goodbye to the 50 shades of peach. I’ll leave you with a little Peach tribute while I go and make myself a nice cuppa. With no sugars!


    6 responses to “And so it begins…………”

    1. I am loving following the peach journey Katie. You guys rock! I don’t know how you juggle so many balls. Hats off to you both. Looking forward to seeing the finished palace

      • Aaaaaah, thanks for stopping by Claire! It’s pretty full on that moment. Feel like I need to be more octopus 🐙 and grow another pair of hands. Guess they don’t technically have hands but you get my drift! How are your twinnies? X

    2. Beth Anthony says:

      And so the peach palace is slowly disappearing into the absolute dream! You guys are amazing!
      Carpe Diem!! 👌🏽 Happy Monday! Xxxxxx

    3. Hells Bells says:

      I love the updates. You’ve got such a cracking eye for interior design I can’t bloody wait to see what comes next 🙂 You’re like supermum/dentist/designer, you need your own tv reality show lol! xxxxx

      • Haha! They could call it ‘just about keeping your head above the water’ x
        Thank you for reading it and thank you for the lovely, lovely comment, it means a lot. 😘🍑🍑

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