You want a pink WHAT???

Posted on: Aug 28, 2017

Let’s face it, I never assumed that the battle for the pink bath would be easy but being more determined than my kids when they want cake, I was quietly confident it was a battle I would eventually win. Let’s just say that mine and Mr Peach’s idea of a perfect bathroom is somewhat different. Whilst I’d spent months dreaming of brass fittings and roll tops, he would be totally thrilled with an echoey white tiled shower room with perhaps the ‘luxury’ addition of a urinal. You see Mr Peach is no interior risk taker, he’s still stuck in the grey black red combo off of 1980’s boys bedrooms and that’s a colour palette that was going nowhere near my bathroom when I had this in mind.

The room that was to be our ensuite was originally a bedroom so we had to start from scratch. Whilst redesigning the upstairs we had the option of having a smaller ensuite and letting the twins keep a bigger room. Obviously we didn’t do that! I considered sacrificing my bathroom of dreams for all of 4 seconds and then remembered the last 7 years of sweeping up cheerios and the lack of size 10 jeans in my floordrobe and immediately decided against it. I was totally worth it.

This was our floor plan before. A long dark corridor upstairs which my mum kindly likened to an institute. A family bathroom to service the Liliputians and a coffin sized ensuite, all just crying out for a big lump hammer.

And here is the floor plan now after we knocked it to pieces. One of the biggest jobs was demolishing that tenacious chimney stack in the corner to make way for a shower cubicle.

Here is a little walk through from the master bedroom and on to dressing room and ensuite.

And thus, project bathroom began. Much to my shock, very little resistance was shown by Mr Peach after the initial shock. I showed him the mood board and dare I say it, I think there was a flicker of a smile. Of course I waited until 9pm on a Friday evening when he was already half a bottle of red down but still, I totally took that as a win.

I started with what proved to be the hardest bathroom challenge known to mankind. The hunt for the ever elusive brass fittings. Five minutes on Pinterest and you’re drowning (fnar) in gorgeous brass taps and showers, my hopes were high but my budget was tight and each click lead me over the Atlantic meaning enormous shipping costs and the dreaded customs charges. It’s got to be said, the USA are killing it in that department with a huge range as standard but here in the UK it’s like searching for unicorns. Taps weren’t an issue, Bert and May do some corkers but I wanted taps, bath mixers and a shower and getting a set to work together proved as rare as getting a full nights sleep in our house. Then it happened, I stumbled on British company Living House who sold stylish ranges of brass fittings. Let’s be real, at no point did I feel I’d grabbed a bargain but neither did I have to sell a kid to fund them #win.

I chose the the coco range which you can find here.  FYI if I did manage to sell a kid I would also add the coco antique brass towel rail. Trust me, I tried to sneak it on the dreaded spreadsheet but it got instantly spat back out. I was half expecting the computer program to actually do a little lol.

I covered my tile obsession in my last post but the undisputed winners were the moonrise cement tile in ash from Marrakech Design and a version of the subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern and dark grouted. The latter came from an Italian company called SELF. If your wondering they are 5cm x 20cm (I searched for hours for the perfect tile ratio).

Now I never saw myself as a panelling kind of gal but the hallway of the Peach Palace is smothered in it and that’s the room that got me hook line and sinker. Steve our Yes man joiner was totally on board and literally within a day the panelling was up for less than the cost of fancy pants wallpaper #nonamesmentioned. I wanted a colour that ‘manned up’ the pink bath so went for a dark denimy blue called Kigali by Paint and Paper Library

Which brings us to my marmite pink bath. Love it or hate it it was the first piece of my bathroom jigsaw and I reckon it’s a keeper. Ok, there was that time during fitting when I walked in and thought it had morphed into a dead pig but that was just a minor blip……….

Once righted, it stood well against the deep tones of the panelling and everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief. The bath in question is from the Salcombe from the Cast Iron Bath Company and I’ll admit, there was a slight mistake in the shade of pink that was delivered. I requested the pale pink shade from the previous moodboard but CIBC delivered this much ‘pinker’ shade. Mistakes are only a problem if not dealt with correctly and thankfully this has been. The company has offered to come and re paint the bath in the perfect pink which I will do once the dust had finally settled. Couldn’t be happier with how I was dealt with. A company that you can recommend even when it hasn’t gone smoothly is a true 🙌🏻🙌🏻.

Our wash stand was an old Edwardian chest of drawers which came from our last house. It was stripped and painted and topped in a cheap marble offcut from our local yard. Couldn’t resist a bit of Buster and Punch for some luxe glam in the handle department which I think totally makes that unit. It was then crowned with a stone basin from Lusso Stone and Fanny was your proverbial Aunt.

I had a mega lighting lust list which which we clearly couldn’t afford. First and foremost my bones ached for a Klay Life chandelier. Obviously that was never going to happen so an understated bead chandelier from good old M&S was on the sub bench. It stepped in to compliment the Cedar and Moss wall lights that totally give me all the happy feels every time my weary eyes catch a glimpse of them.

The Brucey Bonuses of the room (God rest his soul) come in the form of an amazing wall hanging from Whisker row a cracking Silence print from French for Pineapple, and an ibride tray from House of Sloane. The hunt for a heaxagonal mirror was nearly as fruitless as the brass fittings but Fern and Grey came up trumps with this saucy little number. The bloomingville brass circular shelf was actually meant for the living room but I think it looks just peachy in here and makes the view of a bog look well, a little less toilety.

So there you go, in the battle of the pink bath Queen Peach totally triumphed and whilst Im not one to lord it above him, I totally do. Everyday. I’d like to say there went on to be more interior battles that Mr Peach won but we all know that’s not true right?

Bathroom Inspiration

Emily from @pinkhouseliving totally winning the brass fittings game. She’s only gone and got the towel rail too. I wonder if she used to have 3 kids………….

Beck AKA @malmo _and _moss and her herringbone tiles gave me all the heart eyes. I’m also going to ask her for a lesson in effortless flannel styling. Moss! Where’s your towel with mascara stains and foundation sludge?

I remember this shot from @rvk_loves stopping me in my tracks. Just perfect and I love how they did it themselves too. Total inspiration right there 👌🏻

It’s all about the money, it’s all about the dum dum du du du dum…….. and if we had more of it I think I would have totally been led down this shiny path. This image from Pinterest is a boat I’d like to float in.

So again, thank you for reading, please don’t be shy would love to answer any questions. I’m also blown away to have been nominated for an amara iba in the best diy and home improvement category.  If you think I’ve improved the Peach Palace it would be peachy if you’d take 2 seconds to vote here  THANK YOU!!


    12 responses to “You want a pink WHAT???”

    1. Kate says:

      Over the past month or so I have looked at A LOT of bathrooms, but yours is my absolute favourite by some distance, it’s stunning, you must be so pleased with it! Can I ask what colour you painted the walls above the panelling please? Good luck with the rest of your mammoth project!

    2. Robin says:

      I am so thrilled to have found you… are one hell of a great decorator and a wizard at putting pen to paper… your writing style!!!!!
      I think we must be related in some strange way…….everything you touch I love!!!!
      Looking forward to more style, entertainment, and encouragement!

    3. Francesca says:

      This is by far 1. My favourite blog post 2. My Pinterest inspo for my bathroom… Pink bath and navy panelling HERE I COME!!!!!

    4. Yes, it seems that pink is a good choice to decorate the room. Especially the pink bathtub. I really like it.

    5. Hi there! Am just traveling through your blog posts looking for tips (we’ve just got to the stage of planning the interiors on our project) and I must say your house is stunning. So well executed!
      I came here looking for the lights – can I ask, they’re from the US right? So did you get an electrician to convert them?

    6. Claire says:

      Hi Katie, I love your bathroom!! I’ve been looking at the Cedar and Moss lights and wondered if you could tell me if yours are the 6 or 8 inch ones? Many thanks!

    7. comedowntothewoods says:

      so sorry for the late reply, these are the 6 inch ones

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