#Wingingit – My journey to interior design risks

Posted on: Sep 4, 2017

My journey to interior design risks

I’ve never been a trend setter, the one that stands out, nor have I been that person with the enviable style. The past 39 years have seen me very comfortable, nestled well and truly within the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had my talents. In my younger years that included just about getting away with wearing purple Doc Martens and an army jacket. I also managed to vaguely rock the natural curl pre the invention of frizz ease although looking back on photos of myself I’m not quite sure I pulled these off as well as I remember.

More recently there are quite a few things I’ve found myself insanely good at, these include:

  • Being at least 12 minutes late for everything.
  • Having a permanent snot/food/unidentifiable substance stain on my left shoulder and not being able to do the top button on my jeans.
  • I’m also great at only dressing in supermarket bought clothes and not turning heads.

In total contrast I grew up with a mother that oozed style and effortless glamour. Whether it be fashion or interiors she just knew how to work it.

Seriously, imagine growing up with a glamazon as a mum!


What I’m trying to say is that I’ve found this small sprinkling of insta-interest quite a shock. When I started my Instagram account less than a year ago, it was purely an outlet for me to document the enormous Peachy project we were undertaking. A bit like a baby’s memory book but for bricks and mortar. And dust, lots of dust. I never thought it would be popular and I certainly didn’t think I’d be bothered about the opinions of strangers. I never imagined that the affirmation of people I’d never met would matter. It turns out that it totally does because you know what, it’s given me all kinds of happy feels.

The interiors insta community is the next level in positivity, something which I feel is missing from other social media platforms. On the whole, if you’ve nothing nice to say on Instagram, nothing is said at all. Encouragement and support is overflowing and the amount that I have received has been incredible. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like most days I’m just winging it. This applies to most apsects of my life but with no interior design training or experience, in the interiors world I quite literally have NO idea what I’m doing. What Instagram has done is given me the confidence to do whatever the heck I feel like. A few years ago there is no way I would have clashed patterns and painted woodwork dark. Not a chance I would have rescued old furniture from skips or paint a room with no windows black. Yet here I am, interiors obsessed and totally confident in following my own path.

Here are a few examples of interior design risks I would never had made B.I. (before insta).

I would never have considered pattern on pattern B.I, I’m also more confident with showcasing vintage pieces.

Black walls in a room with no natural light!

At no point a few years ago, would I have considered it a good idea to paint a fireplace neon green (or a ceiling black)!

My decorator actually asked me if there had been a mistake when he opened the paint tin for the staircase. There was also a quizzical look from the carpet fitter when he saw the yellow edging.

Woodwork to match wall colour.

Thank you!

So I now find myself in this strange position, just outside the crowd and nowhere near as uncomfortable as I thought I’d be. People are actually reading what I’m writing and liking what I’m showing and I’m not going to lie, that feels great! I am so grateful for this amazing community that we have and I genuinely do a happy dance every time anybody likes, comments or messages. For any of you questioning your posts or your style please don’t.

Whatever your style you will find your tribe, the people who will love what you do, go for it! Paint you walls whatever shade makes you feel happy, surround yourself with quirks that floats your boat, hell, even paint it floor to ceiling peach if you like, we want to see it. Who knows where it will take you…

As always, thanks for reading (still cant believe anybody does)!



Check our my pink bath and living room reveal for some more interior design risks that might take your fancy.


    6 responses to “#Wingingit – My journey to interior design risks”

    1. Natalie says:

      Hi soul sister! Lovely to meet you! You’re an inspiration and especially because you’re doing all this awesomeness with hubby and kids in tow. You’re Real! And you’re sparkly! Thanks!

    2. Debbie says:

      Just found your blog link in your latest BIO post, so very true in all of the above
      I have never been anyone that stands out or wants to be seen. I have always been very dubious about social media with limited posts of fb, but finding Insta a couple of months ago and then your mhtm hashtag has been fab. Renewed my faith in my own abilities and I am literally growing in confidence to shake things up abut more
      I think I have been shadowbanned (whatever that is??!) on mhtm as posts don’t seem to show
      Will figure it out I guess

      Good luck with the voting, I am finding your posts awesome to look at and awesome to read 😍 xx

      • comedowntothewoods says:

        Thanks for the lovely comment and thanks for your vote of confidence! It’s a funny old game right? So glad you’re gaining confidence, we are all very little on the inside 😘

        • Debbie says:

          Hey hun and sorry can you tell I am a newbie as getting my hashtags all mixed up !!!! Not mhtm doh! NHR sorry chick. Following your crowd and have signed up as a member so looking forward to being more involved 😊

    3. Great blog post! I love your style and that you do things because you like it, even though it may be different. We need more people to be bold and embrace their own style!

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