10 of the best wallpaper designers

Posted on: Oct 6, 2017

There are a lot of walls here in the Peach Palace, high ones, wide ones, ones that when we walked in were crying out to be treated right. OK, we bashed the crap out of loads of them but once we’d lovingly put them back together we were faced with acres of blank space that quite frankly terrified me. When designing each room, without realising it my starting point was always wallpaper, not a specific colour, not a statement piece of furniture, just a pattern that I loved. Pattern simply makes me happy and one thing is for sure, I’m not scared of it. So here’s something to help you on your hunt for the perfect wallpaper – my 10 of the best wallpaper designers…you’re welcome!

Perfect Patterned Papers

The dedicated and determined wallpaper junkie I’ve become has seen me furiously pinning, trawling and spending a fortune on interiors mags all in the pursuit of the perfect papers. As with most of life’s problems, it’s clearly my mothers fault. As a small child, I vividly remember being dragged around Sanderson interiors shops where my mum would hunt through heavy wallpaper books. This was the only way to choose then, now we are so lucky to have such a vast selection literally at our fingertips.

Conducting your hunt for the perfect wallpaper…one google search will throw you whatever print your heart desires and enable you to easily set your colour, design and price parameters. I’m going to share with you my absolute favourites of the wallpaper world, 10 of my best. Some of which I’ve used on our precious walls, and some of which I know I’ll be using once I can convince Mr Peach that its time to decorate again……

10 of the best wallpaper designers:

House of Hackney

I’m putting HoH first because quite honestly, if they disappeared I would cry. I would cry those big ploppy snivelly tears that you just cant stop because their prints are my BFFs. There isn’t one that I don’t adore and if I was a willowy size 6 I would dress entirely in their clothes to totally blend in with my wallpaper. Unfortunately I’m size chub so don’t feel that I could quite pull off the same look that HoH are going for, hey ho, in a different life maybe.

I have used HoH in our lounge, hall and in the bedroom, THAT’S how much I love it.

First up is our lounge in Palmeral Midnight

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Our bedroom in Tulipa Pewter

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And our hall in Blackthorn Black

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Woodchip & Magnolia

The hunt for the perfect wallpaper continues…If you want some passion in your paper then look no further than Woodchip & Magnolia. Nina the founder, has ink running through her veins, she was born for this shizzle and I reckon that there ain’t a thing that she doesn’t know about the wallpaper game. Gloriously she is also from the North which I totally salute and champion. We have used the Monstera print in green and pink but there are heaps of delicious prints to choose from.

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Cole & Son

I’ve used an oldie but goodie in Toby Peach’s room. The request for a Blaze & The Monster Machine room was well and truly ignored and I sweet talked him into a camping room knowing full well that the chances of me actually taking him camping were pretty non existent. This left me feeling pretty smug and pretty awful in equal measures. Of course Cole and Son are one of the UK’s wallpaper powerhouses so you could take your pick of beauties but of course I was going to get this one, its called Woods for goodness sake!

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Pax & Hart

This is one of the most incredible prints you’ll ever clap your peepers on. The more I look the more I see, I mean badgers, mixed with jellyfish, who knew that would work. It’s a paper that will grow with the littlest Peach for years. Pax & Hart don’t actually make the paper themselves, this Australian artist collaborated with Jimmy Cricket to produce this beauty. I sourced this from Scandiminis.

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NLXL is a Netherlands based company who have collaborated with Piet Hein Eek, Piet Boon and Paris based store Merci, to produce a stunning high end line of wallpaper. I have used the Brooklyn tins paper in our Peach powder room which has no repeat, I repeat, NO REPEAT! It’s a bad decorator’s dream! More gorgeous effect prints too, concrete, marble and one of my favourites, scrap-wood.

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Lisa Bengtsson

Oh Lisa, how I heart thee! For your sake its a good job that you live all the way over in that there Sweden because if you lived nearby I suspect I would follow you to the corner shop and ask you to be my friend. There isn’t a pattern that you have designed that I don’t adore and I know that I will use your paper somewhere in the PP. I very nearly chose the frames wallpaper for our study and the turtles wallpaper would look incredible in my bathroom. Lisa also stocks some gorgeous very well priced accessories, the human dog plates are insane.

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Timorous Beasties

If you’re not familiar with Timorous Beasties then you are clearly being held in a bunker somewhere against your will. Hold tight, I’ll send help. Seriously though, TB should be donning the wallpaper crown as the paper they produce will have you drowning in your own drool pool. I guess you always know its a bit posh when its called a “wall covering” rather than a wallpaper but I have to admit, it’s totally deserving of a more upmarket title. My all time faves are the Kaleido Splatt and the Kaleido Block but I would totally consider selling a kid for the new Storm Blotch paper and fabric.

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The Loft & Us

Rebecca Loftus designs a small selection of bright, bold in your face prints. They are totally ‘right now’ and I would happily live side by side any of them.

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Chasing Paper

I’ll admit to being quite taken to the idea of removable paper, peel on, peel off a la Mr Miyagi. Of course it helps that they have the most cracking selection of prints AND that shipping to the UK is pretty simples.

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The Witch and Watchman

Sweet baby cheeses, we got bold colours, we got botanicals, we got insanely cute animals with big doe eyes. What is not to like? I wanna wrap myself up in a big witch and watchman blanket, lock the bin lids out and have me a big fat G&T (or perhaps more aptly a can of lilt). This is well worthy of making the best wallpaper designers list.

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The observant among you will notice that this is actually number 11. Come on, give me a break, you can’t expect a full on paper addict to just pick 10 so I’m sneaking in Sandberg, another Swedish company as a little extra because I know you’ll thank me for it.

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So, be bold, be brave, have the courage to take on the pattern and win because if walls could talk I honestly don’t reckon that they would be asking to be bathed in plain paint, they’d be begging to be wrapped in a big colourful blanket of pattern.

So which are your faves in this epic list of best wallpaper designers?

Images C/O Chasing paper NYC, NLXL, Lisa Bengtsson. Timorous Beasties, The Loft & Us, The Witch & Watchman and Sandberg.


Have a look at some of the papers in situ in the peach powder room, secret room and living room.




    3 responses to “10 of the best wallpaper designers”

    1. jillcatrinel says:

      So many lovelies! I’m smitten over the tiger head print. It’s so sad I have the perfect wall for that but the walls are one thing I can’t touch (uptight rental). Definitely gonna have to bookmark that one! I love your style – it’s so bold and daring and fabulous.

    2. nomipalony says:

      I’m so pleased I met you at the NBAs because I’m loving your insta feed and your blog! You are providing me with so much inspiration! Keep up the great work. Nyomi x

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