The Glamorous North – what do you think?

Posted on: Apr 22, 2018

The Glamorous North

Things I have never been………………..

  • On time for anything
  • A size 10
  • Able to say no to another glass of wine
  • Described as glamorous

So when Wayfair got in touch and asked me to be part of their ‘style by region’ campaign with my style being glamorous, I wondered if they’d got the wrong person. Being one of the largest retailers of home furnishings and décor, Wayfair know a thing or two about style. They have been doing their homework, delving into and researching buying patterns and customer preferences which has helped them identify regional based core styles.

It seems us Northerners, along with a bag of fish and chips and going out without a coat, are all a bit partial to a touch of Glam in our homes. In 2017, customers from the North-east ordered 22% more Glam homewares than the rest of the U.K. Hence… the glamorous North. That’s us!

Definition of Glamorous

Full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way.

Now, although this definition clearly isn’t talking about me or the way I dress, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I dress my home exactly how I would like to dress my glamorous alter ego. Let’s call her Katia. She would be dressed in a deeply patterned velvet lounge suit, gold accessories and fringing, there would definitely be fringing and it’s very likely that her outfit would make a noise when she moved. More importantly she wouldn’t give a damn about what other people thought about her style, exactly how it should be with your style in your home. It’s your place, a place to make you feel good, so dress it like no one is watching.

Lessons in Glamour…the Northern way

The Glamorous North: Here’s what I think adds a touch of glamour to a room:

Metallics. I adore metallic, especially mixed. You no longer have to be either a gold or silver kind of person. Whack them all together for a big metallic party. The warmth of brass against the coolness of silver always works in my mind, mix in some coppers or rose golds and it’s a soiree that will go on all night!

Layers. Layers of light, layers of textiles, layers of colour, it’s all about the layers. As Spring approaches and we are contemplating taking the layers off our bodies, there is always room for more layers within the home. Be sure to layer in all dimensions, from floor to ceiling and front to back.

Candles. In my humble opinion, there is no space that can’t be instantly transformed by the addition of candles. They completely change the feeling of a room, softening it, adding a glam glow. A roaring fire always works too!

Glamming-up my home

And now the fun bit……………….Wayfair kindly gave me budget to Glam-up and refresh an area of my home Erm, yes please! There was no better place to start than their Glam Ideas Board. Wayfair offers incredible products for a wide spectrum of interior styles so these idea boards are a great way to get to where you want to be, fast. You can shop the rest of the styles here.

Like a magpie I was immediately drawn to all things brass. The Heslov lamp is an absolute winner. It ticks all the glam boxes and coupled with the deep blue velvet of the sofa it’s a luxey match made in heaven. I chose to park it on this incredible House Doctor side table. Take a peek at those saucy little metallic legs, how could I pass that one up?


The second that I saw this amazing sheepskin I wanted to face dive into it for the foreseeable. Cancel all calls, ignore each bin lid, disconnect the Wi-Fi, I’m smothered in sheepie and I’m happy! If you invest in a good sheepskin you will never regret it, there are so many cheaper versions out there but they will never feel like this. All praise the ewes because this is like snuggling up to a cloud!


I was lucky enough to already own this velvet cocktail chair by Julian & Joseph but it just so happens to be available at Wayfair too. I defy you to find a chair that is as good quality for the price. Have a little squizzles at it here.


Last up we have the vase of actual dreams. Scratch the record, let’s head back to 2008 when I can assure you I would never have imagined that I’d use that phrase. Nevertheless, here I am in 2018, a little tireder, definitely saggier but fully meaning every word of it! I’ve coupled it with this peachy candelabra which ticks two of my glam boxes.


See the items in all their glory here:


The Glamorous North – have Wayfair got it right?

What’s not to love about Wayfair? Boat loads of choice, tick. Free delivery on orders over £40, tick. AND a chance to win £1k to spend at Wayfair. Just tag @wayfairuk and #stylebyregion to showcase your regional style.

If you want me, you’ll find me basking in the Northern sunshine being just a little more Katia (with a bag of fish & chips).

If you fancy a little interiors tour around Great Britain then please check out the other fantastic bloggers involved in this campaign. For an extra challenge, why not try reading their posts in the corresponding accents. If you’re anything like me, they will all sound Welsh!

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This is a post sponsored by Wayfair, I was kindly gifted the products that I have shared the links to but all of the words and opinions are my own.


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    1. lifeoflezure says:

      I assume this is UK only, but how cool to do this in the states! (I’d enter!) I wonder if our buying trends are as…not sure what word I’m looking for…cohesive? Conclusive? Idk. Cool post!

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