Changing up for Autumn

Posted on: Oct 4, 2018

As much as I love Summer, there is something special about Autumn. Don’t get me wrong, I love a BBQ and a balmy evening but as Autumn approaches, there are plenty of things to love.

  • The glorious prospect of not having to pick up a razor until February.
  • Tricking the kids into thinking that it’s bedtime at 5.30pm.
  • No fear of being woken in the early hours by cheeping birds.
  • Red wine and apple crumble.
  • Chunky knit jumpers and layers to hide the consequences of the above.

Of course it doesn’t come without its negatives. 

  • Fingerless gloves and pumpkin spiced lattes clogging up our Instagram feeds.
  • The invasion of spiders so big they could carry weapons.
  • Permanently chapped lips.
  • Unwelcome things hiding in the leaf pile. Think critters or the consequences of having a very large dog……………..

Autumn is all about change. The weather, the light, the new school year, and the food. Without question, our wardrobes all change at this time of year too. Last week as I packed up my Summer clothes (so long brutal bingo wing exposing strappy tops) and dusted off the cosy cardigans and snug boots, it got me thinking. We dress our bodies for a change in season so why not give our houses the same treatment?

There has never been a better time to refresh our homes. The dark nights and the cold weather will naturally make us retreat indoors. Our homes should be our sanctuaries at this time of year, a place to cosy up and feel protected from the elements.

Changing things up needn’t be expensive. Autumnal accents will happily sit side by side the warmer toned treasures from Summer. Here are a few things to consider on the quest for the Autumn feels.

Consider Colour

Autumn is quite possibly the most intense season out there for colour. Look no further than out of your window for inspiration, you needn’t even have to don your coat. The leaves turn making way for fiery reds, burnt oranges, rusts and gorgeous shades of ochre. Clear skies give a backdrop of delicious blues and the deep browns of exposed branches give warmth and depth. There is no need for a complete redecoration, add accents of autumnal colours as a nod to mother nature .and try to think outside the predictable Autumn ‘orange’. All of these pictures were taken a few steps from my front door.

Layering up

Just as the weather has us layering up and dressing like an onion, our homes benefit from the same treatment. Layering textiles, colour, lighting and pattern will give your home richness and depth. Layering will make your home feel personal and entirely unique to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern and colour and for a really cosy feel layer your lighting. With darkness descending on us before school pick up, lighting is well worth considering. Using three layers of light will give your room a new dimension.

  • Ambient. General overhead lighting for a room.
  • Accent. Light that highlights certain interesting features.
  • Task. This provides light for areas where specific tasks are carried out. Think reading lamp or a light that will illuminate a bar/work area.

Adding Texture
Nothing says cozy more than throws and textiles. A change in temperature calls for a switch from lighter to heavier fabrics. Think sumptuous wool, velvet or sheepking rugs. Texture doesn’t have to be limited to textiles though, throw in some metallic and some rustic wood and you’ve got yourself a festival of texture.

Flickering flames

If you have an open fire then make the most of it. Personally, I’d rather watch a fire than Coronation Street any day of the week and if it warms up my trotters at the same time then it’s win win. No fear if you’ve no fire, create ambience and drama by lighting candles. Choose scented ones for a riot of the senses.

Bring the outside in

Flowers, plants, foraged branches will all add texture and drama to your Autumnal home. Don’t forget to check for critters if you’ve been in the garden because you know my feelings about arachnids.

Challenge Anneka……….

Taking all of these tips into consideration, I was challenged by Homesense to switch up my home and get it ready for the new Season. Accompanied by my trusty chunky knit sweater, I headed to my local store to get inspired. My main aim was to create change without totally altering the room. Adding a seasonal vibe needn’t be expensive. Autumnal accents will happily sit side by side with the warmer toned treasures from Summer. As always in Homesense, I was spoilt for choice. I get a buzz every time I shop here, one off pieces just waiting to be discovered and all at up to 60% off their RRP. I’m also drawn to the clearance section like a moth to the flame.


I have an intense relationship with my bed. I think about it all day long. The house can be in total chaos but if my bed is made, things somehow just feel better. For the bedroom, I took inspiration from the yellow and berry tones. I added a soft jersey duvet cover, a knitted mustard cushion, some faux hydrangeas. I swapped my regular velvet pouffe for a coffee table from downstairs and added a pop of metallic with a new lamp.

Living Room

Nothing says Autumn more than a roaring fire. We have an abundance of fireplaces in this gaff and the deep blue of this one is just crying out for a pop of pumpkin orange. The rusty colours sit perfectly alongside the warm wood tones and the plush velvet. Again, it didn’t need much to completely transform this room.  A beautiful wicker and glass vase (from the clearance section at £6!!), metallics in the form of a hanging planter and warmth and texture added from the knitted cushion. My BFF (my sofa) has been seasonally tickled by the addition of this William Morris inspired tapestry cushion. Job done.


The snug became a lesson in layering. I have a love hate relationship with the exposed stone in this room. Its sharp and cold lines are a direct opposite to ‘me’. I’m more of a warm soft squidgy kind of girl. If walls could talk, this one would be yelling out for more cushiony cosiness. And holy smoke did I hit the Homesense jackpot. I bagged myself this 100% wool chunky knit throw. It wasn’t cheap at £99 but similar throws sell for way over £200. Add to the mix this incredible lamp, some candles and the most instagrammable dog on planet Earth and you’ve got yourself and Autumn fiesta.



Finally, the hallway got a bit of Homesense love too. I am forever on the hunt for incredible planters. Not only are they hard to come by but they also seem to cost more than a weekly shop. This beauty is perfect for this space and does a fine job of bringing the outside in.

There you have it, my interiors equivalent to a wardrobe shake up. I’d love to see how you change your interiors for the season. Come on Mother Nature, we’re ready for you.

This post is sponsored by Homesense but all of the words are my own.


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    1. Peter Grech says:

      Omg love all of this!! Can we please go shopping together? I love all those items you got. Especially that lamp. Lots of love xx

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