Why good home WiFi makes my world go round

Posted on: Aug 30, 2019

[Paid partnership with BT]

Im not going lie, when BT asked me to test out and create some content around their new Complete WiFi product I very nearly said no. As much as I was itching to try it out, it’s not my normal subject. No velvet, no bright colours, no pattern, not a cushion or sofa in sight. Did it feel authentic? Would my readers be shocked that you couldn’t sit on it, put it on the wall or snuggle up in it? Then I thought about my own priorities and what makes our home tick. Putting family aside, here’s what’s important to me right now……

  1. Food
  2. Drink
  3. Hugs
  4. Good Home WiFi

Heck, I almost think at times I might put the good home WiFi above the food. You see, pretty much everything in our life revolves around the presence of that magic signal. You see, it’s the WiFi that fuels the work, the laughs, the peace and the escapism.

So why does good home WiFi make my world go round?

With the above in mind, here are the eight reasons why good home WiFi makes my world go round…

What else would I do with my arm at 6am?

We all do it right? Open our eyes and reach out for our little pocket brains on the bedside table. Whilst I’d love to be that person that bounces out of bed does a few lunges and whips up a kale smoothie, I never will be. I wake early, before my kids and that hour is my golden time to get shiz done online. I answer emails, post on social media and check the weather, all from the cosy surrounds of my bed.


Without good home WiFi, each and every one of us would be very hungry. You’d be able to hear our bellies rumbling from Roundhay Park, because with 4 kids, the supermarket is the stuff of nightmares. If hell exists, it will be me stuck in aisle 5 with my bored children. Everything in this house is ordered online. Our weekly shops, our meal boxes and the odd takeaway. It’s all done on the internet. I even google recipes now. (At least the cookbooks still look pretty on the shelves!). So without the best wireless broadband on this block, no one’s getting fed.


Without the best wireless broadband, there is no gram and without that there gram, my life is pointless(!)… Obviously a huge exaggeration, but it is astounding how much I rely on Instagram: I use it for inspiration, for learning, for searching for products, I use it to shop and of course it’s a source of income to me now. So what would I do without a home WiFi system that actually spanned the entire home?

Peace maker

If you live within a 200m radius of the Peach Palace, you will know how much noise my kids can make. Like an assault on the senses, they have the ability to incessantly all speak at the same time. They fizz each other up more than the Mentos-in-a-coke-bottle challenge and the littlest produces noises so high, that the local dogs come running. After a few hours of aforementioned crazy behaviour, my secret weapon is the good old reset button. The calming and settling effects of a dash screen time are more effective than a gallon of Pepto Bismol on a dodgy tum. Often I separate them, which involves spreading them all over the house, which only works if the WiFi signal is good everywhere.

Peace keeper slash marriage saver

On the whole, Mr Peach and I have a very happy marriage. Arguments only normally arise if I’m a passenger and he’s driving (don’t get me started on the accelerator abuse) or if we are lost. More recently though, our WiFi had become more unreliable and no prizes for guessing who we take it out on when it started to buckle under the load of our demanding family. I mean, how would we ever find the best wireless broadband to save our marriage?! (just kidding).

Kitchen Disco

Our weekly tradition, our infamous Friday night kitchen disco. Often accompanied by a pizza (ordered online…obvs) – it’s a chance to bust grooves to our guilty pleasures. Me, Dolly Parton 9-5, him, anything by Carly Rae Jepson (yes really) and them Big Shaq, Man’s not Hot. We even recently installed a vintage glitter ball in the kitchen in honour of the kitchen disco. It’s something that hopefully our kids will always have fond memories of, even if it is of their dad dancing like a total tool. Without the best home WiFi, these Friday-Night-Fever moments would be non existent!


No, I don’t use our wireless connectivity to perfect my yoga skills (although maybe I should, I can barely touch my toes these days). What I mean by “flexibility” is, that good home WiFi allows us to pretty much do anything anywhere in the home. We can watch movies in bed, flip the laptop open in the garden and let the kids research their homework upstairs.


I’m a proper little scaredy cat. When I’m home alone I spend the entire time playing out scenarios of being burgled. How would I protect the kids, how would I protect my diamonds. The latter is an easy one as I don’t have any but in order to protect the bin lids and my sanity, we had CCTV installed. I’ve now become a serial checker – I’m able to see what’s going on outside even when I’m not at home, but as it all works via the internet, my peace of mind relies on the best wireless connection going.

The importance of good home WiFi

Now we’ve handled the why’s, lets chat about the how’s…

When I first posted on Instagram about my partnership with BT, I genuinely couldn’t believe the amount of people that suffer with patchy-WiFi-itis too. Thick walls, tall houses and even chunky concrete floors were some of the barriers that were mentioned. For us, it was definitely the thick walls that were to blame for the incredibly annoying dead spots. We were unable to get connected on the dreaded untouched 3rd floor and the TV in the extension often lost signal. BT promised to fix this with an entire home WiFi package and I promised you all a very honest blog post so read on……

BT launched their new product: ‘Complete WiFi’ with the very bold promise to guarantee a strong reliable WiFi connection in every room of the home. With raised eyebrows I read on that it also guarantees wall to wall coverage which boosts average speed (based on a 4 bed house) by 25%. I didn’t need to read much more, I was in.

BT handled everything their end and they then provided the Smart Hub and 1 booster disc. Set up was incredibly easy, pretty much plug in and go.

The system comes complete with clever WiFi discs which extend the Smart Hub’s signal to every corner of the home. One is provided and you get 2 more discs for free if needed and in the very unlikely event you still don’t have signal everywhere, you can get ¬£20 back.

What I love

The simplicity. Genuinely as easy as plug in and go.

The holy grail of the 3 bar coverage in every single corner of our house. Even the untouched 3rd floor bathroom had solid coverage. We measured the distance from the Hub to the furthest point away with string. 36.8m people!! And don’t try and tell me you don’t need good home WiFi in the loo, we all sneak our phones in there.

Here is a sneaky little tour of our top floor taken on our signal test:


The discs are genius but I haven’t even had to use any. I get full coverage from the smart hub alone, even with those thick old walls.

To date there has been no streaming issues, no fall out, no dead spots and no glitches. This is despite multiple devices being used at the same time.

Kitchen discos are no longer contained to the kitchen #kitchendiscoontour

What I don’t love

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty proud of myself for memorising my previous password. I thought I had to train my already full brain to recite the most laborious collection of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Turns out that the only negative I could find, isn’t a negative after all. It’s even easy to change your password. Simples

So, a very big thank you BT for guaranteeing me food, social media, peace, bad dance moves, flexibility and security. My world will continue to go round at it’s normal sonic pace.

You can find out more about BT Complete WiFi here.




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