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Posted on: Feb 12, 2022


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Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Now close your eyes and imagine a world where masks are only for dentists, isolation entirely for inmates and the only thing you’d ever stuck up your nose was a Vicks inhaler because that’s where the story starts.

Way back in 2019, the lovely team at DFS approached Emily (@pinkhouseliving) and I with a rather glorious idea. They were looking to expand their already huge portfolio with a collection of patterned chairs. They were looking for some help in designing and curating a collection of affordable patterned chairs to allow customers to experiment with print and pattern. Now, you know me, I love a pop of colour and a clashing print so I was a solid YES before the team had even finished the sentence! Genuinely, I couldn’t have imagined a dreamier job.

As quick as project gathered momentum, we were stopped in our tracks as the whole world shut down. It didn’t stop Emily and I thinking and dreaming about it though. And now that the final collection is finally here, it’s easy to see how we were inspired by those crazy few years we have all just lived.

Once the project picked up again, in 2021, Emily and I were pretty clear about the direction we wanted to take the collection in. We couldn’t shake off just how emotive the previous year had been. With the massive lows came the joy, the love and the outpouring of generosity. That year made us experience not only the bad but the overwhelming good too. And we all know that phrase ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’. And boy did we all have to get good at grooving!

So the collection was inspired from all the things that had got us through those tricky times. All the things that had made us and those around us feel good.

Staying CONNECTed with each other

Having HOPE that brighter times will come

Small acts of KINDness

The simple art of PLAYfulness

A moment of CALM

DREAMing of all the wonderful things we would soon be able to do.

So here they are in all of their glory, and would you check out how pleased we look with ourselves. What a ride this has been, we really hope that you love them even half as much as we do.

So, fancy a little bit of fun?

Not sure which chair takes your fancy? Torn between Calm and Hope? Wondering if you’re bold enough for Play? Take this quiz created by Emily, it might just nudge you in the right direction………….

Quiz: Which Pattern Project chair suits your personality?

The Pattern Project armchairs are infused with our passion for interiors that bring out your personality, but which chair is perfect for YOU? To discover your perfect pattern match, take this clever quiz that looks deep inside your soul*… 

*asks some fairly superficial questions

1 What song best sums you up? 

  1. I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts
  2. Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding
  3. Kids by Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue
  4. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
  5. Pure Shores by All Saints
  6. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

2 Describe your ideal birthday party?

  1. In this amazing bar I discovered on Instagram, with loads of mates
  2. Treating my closest friends to champagne afternoon tea
  3. Massive ball pit party followed by trampolining!
  4. Anything – whatever I do always turns out great.
  5. Spa day.
  6. I’m picturing a fabulous weekend away…

3 Oh no! Your car has broken down. How do you react?

  1. WhatsApp my ‘Friend In Need’ group – there’s definitely going to be someone among my 30 mates who can help me.
  2. I make sure that I’m not obstructing the road then I call whoever I’m on my way to see – I hate letting anyone down.
  3. I stick a large pink pom pom on top of my car and turn on my party playlist while I wait for assistance.
  4. I go for a rummage under the bonnet – I’m sure I can solve the problem!
  5. I’m not in a hurry anyway – this just gives me a chance to enjoy my surroundings; ooh look at those lovely trees!
  6. Oh I don’t drive – I’d rather go by hot air balloon.

4 If you HAD to choose a typographical print, what would it say?

  1. The music sounds better with you
  2. Work hard and be kind 
  3. Don’t grow up it’s a trap
  4. Your future is what you do today
  5. Power to the peaceful
  6. Reach for the stars and you might end up with the moon.

5 What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

  1. Check my emails, texts, WhatsApp and social media DMs.
  2. Call that friend who’s going through a tough time to check she’s OK.
  3. Somersault out of bed.
  4. Open the curtains and watch the sun rise.
  5. Relax with a cup of coffee for at least half an hour.
  6. Go back to sleep!

6 What are your holiday plans?

  1. A city break with mates I haven’t seen for ages (except for on Zoom).
  2. I’m taking my mum on a girl’s weekend away – she deserves it.
  3. Snowboarding! Apres ski dancing on tables! Repeat!
  4. Somewhere hot and sunny.
  5. A week by the sea. 
  6. Can’t decide – so many ideas!


You’re someone who values human interaction, and loves to use technology to stay in touch. Your spirit chair reflects this desire for connectivity – and your appreciation of cool graphic design.

The play chair has customisable piping and an optional lightning bolt cushion.

Mostly 2s: KIND CHAIR

What an absolute sweetheart you are – you deserve a chair to match your generous nature. The Kind chair is perfect for you, with its soft curves and pastel palette – ideal in the bedroom, or as a gorgeous sitting room side chair that everyone will want to sit on.

Mostly 3s: PLAY CHAIR

You’re totally in touch with your inner child and don’t do things by halves. Which is why your perfect chair partner is the Play chair; like you, it’s full of fun and a joy to be around! Go bold and let the hot pink, electric blue, pom poms and fringing make a statement in your home.

Mostly 4s: HOPE CHAIR

Optimism is your middle name (they teased you about this at school); you always look on the bright side of life and focus on the doughnut, instead of the hole. The sunny Hope chair reflects your positivity, bringing light and warmth into a room.

Mostly 5s: CALM CHAIR

Easy does it! You’re not one to get your knickers in a twist or sweat the small stuff. As a zen master who is inspired by the great outdoors, the Calm chair is a natural fit with your laid-back personality. Ahhh!

Mostly 6s: DREAM CHAIR 

You have a fantastic imagination and love nothing more than gazing up at the clouds, dreaming of wonderful things to come. And now you can drift away in the delicious Dream chair, surrounded by velvet clouds…




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